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Iron fencing has become quite popular in the last couple of years due to the numerous benefits it offers. This type of fence is known for its classic style, durability, and sophistication. From schools and hospitals to government buildings to business premises and residential properties, iron fences can work in any property.

Although iron fences cost a little more than other fencing materials such as aluminum and wood, if installed properly it can last several decades without showing any sign of damage. Wrought iron is sturdy, weather-resistant, and malleable meaning it can be welded into surprisingly beautiful shapes and forms.

Residential Iron Fencing

Besides enhancing the security of your home and business, a wrought iron fence offers several other benefits such as enhancing the curb appeal of your property, raising its resale value, easy installation, and ease of maintenance. However, to reap those benefits, you must make sure that your fence is well installed. Hiring a reputable and experienced fence installation company like Hollywood Iron Fencing will ensure your fence is well installed so that it can stand the test of time.

Commercial Iron Fence

If you want to install an iron fence around your commercial property then you can rely on our professionally trained and experienced technicians. They understand the requirements of our clients and manage things accordingly to complete the project within your budget. Before installing the fence they will develop a plan and execute it after your approval for it. Iron fence is normally preferred by the owners and users of commercial properties because of its strength and long-lasting properties.

Iron Pool Fences

All of the utilities offered by an iron fence are even more relevant if you have a pool on your property. It’s not at all uncommon for others to try to take advantage of private or residential pools as if they were for public use, and an iron security fence marks the pool as your own. You can also keep large animals out of the area, as many may try to come for what looks like a free, clean drink of water. Our iron pool fences provide all of this security without any issues, and the quality that we install them with will make sure that they last.

Wrought Iron Gates

There is no doubt that wrought iron gates are considered to be one of the best in terms of costs, durability, strength and other factors. If you are keen on getting the best wrought iron gates installed in your home, you have many reasons to think about us. We offer customized and also ready-to-install and pre-fabricated gates made from wrought iron. The quality of the wrought iron that we use for this purpose is top class and sets us apart from others.

Iron Handrails

We all know that iron handrails are one of the most common types of railings that are preferred by customers. We have years of experience and expertise and you can trust on us for quality, workmanship, security, durability and reasonable pricing. Our iron handrails stand the test of time and are rust and corrosion resistant. We can offer highly customized and customer-specific requirements and on the other hand, you also can depend on us for ready-to-install solutions of handrails made from different grades and types of iron.

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