Wrought Iron Fence Services in Hollywood Florida

Iron Fence Installation and Repair in Hollywood

Iron fencing has become quite popular in the last couple of years due to the numerous benefits it offers. This type of fence is known for its classic style, durability, and sophistication. From schools and hospitals to government buildings to business premises and residential properties, iron fences can work in any property.

Although iron fences cost a little more than other fencing materials such as aluminum and wood, if installed properly it can last several decades without showing any sign of damage. Wrought iron is sturdy, weather-resistant, and malleable meaning it can be welded into surprisingly beautiful shapes and forms.

If you’re a resident of Hollywood, Florida and looking for a quality, durable and affordable iron fence, you can trust Hollywood Iron Fencing to do your project. We are the leading fence installation and repair contractor in Hollywood Iron Fencing that prides itself in providing durable fencing solutions to homes and businesses in Hollywood, Florida.

Iron Fence Installation in Hollywood

At Hollywood Iron Fencing, we offer a variety of iron fences that we can install for you. One of the most popular iron fences we install is the 3 ft tall wrought iron fence that usually surrounds the pool area to keep animals and kids safe. This type offers you peace of mind knowing that home is a safe and secure place for your kiddos and pets to play Another popular type of iron fence that we install for customers want a little more security is the anti-climb iron fence with spikes on the top. This type of fence is suitable for businesses or those want to protect their valuables.

Iron Fence Repair

At Hollywood Iron Fencing, we also offer repair services to customers who have an existing iron fencing that needs repair. If you have a broken iron fence or leaning iron fence, you can trust us to give it a good fix. We also do refinishing to rusty fences by painting them with your favorite color. Whether you want to schedule regular maintenance or want to repair your fence, we got you covered.

Benefits of Iron Fences

Custom Designs: This is one of the reasons why most people in Hollywood, Fl are choosing iron fences. At Hollywood Iron Fencing, we offer limitless design options for iron fences to match the style and design of your home. Our iron can be molded into various shapes and patterns to fit in any landscape.

Super Strong and Long Lasting: Iron fences are known for their super strength and durability. It’s almost impossible to break our wrought iron, we usually weld and join them with other strong materials like brick or concrete. When installed and maintained properly, an iron fence can even last for 50 years or more.

Security and Privacy: Iron fences may not perfect for privacy fences, but we can design them with privacy in mind. Iron fences can also enhance the security of your property. If you have a business, we can install a full height iron fence which offers maximum security.

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